Love Is Strange [DIGITAL/2010]


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Disc 1:
1. I’m Alive
2. Call It a Loan
3. Looking East
4. The Crow on the Cradle featuring Carlos Núñez
5. Mercury Blues
6. El Rayo X
7. Sit Down Servant (Traditional)
8. Take It Easy
9. For Taking the Trouble

Disc 2:
1. For Everyman
2. Your Bright Baby Blues featuring Javier Mas
3. Tu Tranquilo featuring Kiko Veneno
4. Late for the Sky
5. These Days featuring Luz Casal
6. Running on Empty
7. Love is Strange/Stay
8. The Next Voice You Hear featuring Kiko Veneno

Producer: Jackson Browne
Producer, Recording and Mixing: Paul Dieter
Mastering: Doug Sax
Mastering: Sangwook “Sunny” Nam